Short and sweet, and a post that I made on LinkedIn in response to something that had been written.  The discussion was about Skill v Talent and which is the key to success.  I hold a slightly different view.

I believe that ‘attitude’ is, first and foremost, the most important characteristic and therefore key driver to success.

With the right attitude, which includes optimism, then even in times of adversity (which we all have from time to time), anything that is possible to be achieved, can be achieved. You can be talented, but not have a good attitude, and end up wasting your talent.

You can be skilled, qualified and experienced, but not having the right attitude and therefore not applying yourself, will achieve very little. But the person who has the best attitude can learn the skills, develop their talents and will show up consistently, because they also know that setbacks, adversity and challenges are a part of life that need to be overcome.

Mark Corder


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