“I have had the pleasure of attending Mark‘s great course on Organizational Communication Skills at the Al Jazeera Training Center in Doha, Qatar. I found the Emotional Intelligence day the most interesting and he delivered such valuable knowledge that should be used in everyday business, negotiation situations or roles which requires stakeholder engagement. There are many business topics where emotions can play a part, such as discussing financial performance and budgets. Mark’s input would really help that. The course content was very well presented and the best part of the training with Mark is that you can actually see in practice what he teaches as he delivered a highly skilled and interactive workshop. The audience was captivated by the topic and many made the commitment to incorporate the EQ concepts in their approach to leadership. Mark was wonderful to work with; he is knowledgeable on this subject and a true professional. I highly recommend Mark.”

Corena Abounahia, Al Jazeera
“Mark’s training style was very good. I liked how he got us to participate in role playing activities.”

Nancy Rennie

“I felt that Mark was able to use his own personal experience to add to a professional, focused and well-structured course.”

Rachel Jones
“Thank you very much Mark. I really enjoyed the course and will take away some very good points from it.”

Chris Monahan, IBM

“Very passionate and interactive tutor. Materials and key concepts very well explained. Impressive.”

Caihua Liu, IBM
“Very knowledgeable and amiable. Good use of real life examples to back up some of the training topics”

Robert Kelly
“Good knowledge of the subject and definitely helped me to tackle complaints in a more professional and efficient way.”

Maneka Gupta, IBM
“Mark is great at what he does and made me think about my role and how to make positive progress.”

Tim Carroll
“Very informative with great use of practical examples which I could encounter. Very well recommended to anyone in a similar role.”

Steve Towers
“The training was well received and got us thinking exactly about how we would ensure that we keep the ‘cultural glue’ that binds us when we are working in a more flexible and mobile way. Our senior management team left with a deeper appreciation of some of the people issues that we are likely to encounter.”

Karen Jenkins
“Mark was very organised, the course was delivered with facilitation, videos and exercises to strike the right balance, with some great breakout sessions. Group discussions were encouraged and Mark ensured that everyone had the opportunity to express their point of view.”

Samantha O'Neill, IBM

“I thought the training course was very informative. Mark was very friendly and made everyone feel comfortable and welcome.”

Laura Stainer, Hamilton Brown