Push Through It Podcast Show Notes

Season 1 – Episode 3 – Leah Steele

From legal dream, to the brink and beyond…

My interview with Leah Steele, who is the founder of Searching for Serenity, a mentoring and training company focused on helping professionals beat burnout and end imposter syndrome.

Following her childhood dream to become a lawyer, Leah had to cope with both burnout and ‘imposter syndrome’, working flat in a world where a lack of legal professionals in her family meant that she had to constantly prove herself in her chosen profession. Hear Leah’s story and how she overcame the challenges to do what she loves best.

Leah is a mentor and trainer, speaker and writer focused on burnout, imposter syndrome and what it takes to really thrive.  She works with individuals and companies across the UK, Europe and US to help create resilient people who finally enjoy their work without it killing them (and develop sustainable careers and greater profitability to boot!).  She lives in Bristol with her partner, dog Jasper and cat Smokey.



Mark Corder

Mark Corder LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markcorder1972/

Mark Corder Ltd website: http://www.markcorder.co.uk

Mark Corder Twitter: @MarkCorderEQ

Leah Steele

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leahysteele/

Searching for Serenity website: http://www.searchingforserenity.co.uk

Twitter: @LeahSteeleUK

Searching for Serenity Facebook: www.facebook.com/serenitysearch


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