The ramifications of this Covid-19 virus (I can only comment on the experience of it from here in the UK) makes me think about the long-term impact on people, not just directly in terms of their health and well-being in relation to becoming ill, but on jobs, income and businesses in general, all of which can be devastating for families too.

Taking the health part of the equation to one side, which we must trust is being managed by experts and therefore people more ‘in the know’ than some of the rest of us e.g. me: –

  • I don’t want to see businesses go under.
  • I don’t want to see people lose their jobs.

I don’t like to think that people may suffer and worry about their financial situation, though I know many will, and justifiably so.

In that case then, what can we do about this to mitigate the long-term impact on people, jobs, business and the knock-on effects of this?

If pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, sports clubs, airlines and basically any organisation connected with entertainment and travel, go out of business, and in large numbers, it will put many people out of work. There’s probably organisations and industries that I haven’t covered here or even thought of yet. The government have said it does not intend to let this happen, but if there are no customers, for many businesses, it may be impossible to wind back the clock when the good times roll again.

Yes, we are resilient and we will bounce back as a country (hopefully this type of thing will unite common enemies) and as a wider human race across the globe, but the greatest risk to many, who may be able to recover swiftly from becoming ill, may be their future livelihoods.

Is there a way we can protect the vulnerable and have a plan to protect the future livelihoods of people?

What, realistically, can we do to help each other? I don’t have the answers, but I want to help.

I don’t believe in coming to the table with only problems and no solutions, so what I will offer, as best I can, is this:

As much as I have capacity (my scheduled face-to-face classroom training and coaching is almost all switching to online videoconferencing deliveries, so less travel time for me) and being a trainer/facilitator/coach, I am happy to provide free ‘one-to-one’ coaching/mentoring support via videoconferencing to anyone who is in fear of their job or business and who is genuinely worried about their future.

Sometimes, it’s good to talk, but hopefully, I can help in some small way and make a positive difference to what may be a bad situation for you or someone whom you know.

I have a few hours per week, where I’m not working or committed to family matters, that I can set aside to offer some support. I’ll free up what time I can spare. Let’s not suffer alone. Please drop me a line if you think it would help to talk to me in my capacity as a coach (completely free). I also have a large network of other coaches and I am going to also liaise with them to see if we can jointly meet any such growing demand for support, or part of it, that comes from this. I also know that they too are being hit financially, but they are good people and I’m sure some will join me in this, if asked.

This is not a gimmick or a loss leader to gain work. Everyone needs to find a way to help each other because we all live and work together and hopefully people will not have to suffer in silence.

I can’t promise to solve your issues, but I can promise I will listen with empathy and offer suggestion and alternative perspectives.

Thank you.

Mark /


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