Dealing with Change

Do you find it a challenge, dealing with change?

They say that “change is the only constant”, and yet for the majority of people, change can bring about a wide range of feelings, from slight discomfort through to full blown stress.

You may be one of the majority, who, right now, have a significant period of change to deal with.  Even the most  resilient of individuals will be tested to their limits during these difficult times.

This workshop will enable you to move from a potentially negative and unhelpful mindset towards change, to a more positive and optimistic viewpoint, as you learn to identify how you can influence the change, influence your mindset towards it and seek opportunities from that with you cannot control necessarily control.

Learning outcomes

  • How to better cope with how Covid-19 may have impacted upon your life
  • Improved positive mental attitude towards change
  • How to turn negatives into positives and problems into opportunities
  • Increase levels of personal morale and motivation
  • Adopt a more inquisitive and challenging mindset
  • Develop the ability to embrace rather than fear change
  • View change as an opportunity rather than a threat
  • Expand your comfort zone as you deal with change, making future changes more manageable
  • Have a greater understanding of how emotions can play a key role in our attitude towards change
  • Identify ways in which you can influence change and make it a more positive experience


Suitable for individuals, employees, leaders/managers, CEOs and Directors – anyone who is subject to experiencing change.


The ‘Dealing with Change’ webinar will be hosted by Mark Corder of

Mark is an experienced trainer/facilitator and coach, having worked in the UK, Europe and other international venues delivering a range of leadership & management and soft skills training.

Dates and Tickets

Tuesday 12th May 2020, 1300-1430 (90 mins)  – Contact for tickets

Thursday 21st May 2020, 1300-1430 (90 mins) – Contact for tickets

Technical information

All you need is a web browser to attend as you will receive a clickable link to join via Zoom. No requirement to download Zoom.

Microphone optional, no camera necessary.

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