Resilience – Push Through It!


Our levels of resilience are tested, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on our prior personal experiences in dealing with challenges and setbacks. The more comfortable we are with being uncomfortable, the less of a negative impact each situation or event may have upon us.

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Podcast Guests Wanted – Do You Have Experience of ‘Resilience’?


We are in the process of recording episodes for a brand-new podcast titled “Resilience – Push Through It”. Having already recorded an interview with a former senior police officer who has provided his perspective on how to reduce stress and be more resilient, we’re looking for more guests to appear on the show and be interviewed as part of the podcast series.

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Dealing with Change Webinars


They say that “change is the only constant”, and yet for the majority of people, change can bring about a wide range of feelings, from slight discomfort through to full blown stress. You may be one of the majority, who, right now, have a significant period of change to deal with. Even the most resilient of individuals will be tested to their limits during these difficult times.

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How can we help?


The ramifications of this Covid-19 virus (I can only comment on the experience of it from here in the UK) makes me think about the long-term impact on people, not just directly in terms of their health and well-being in relation to becoming ill, but on jobs, income and businesses in general, all of which can be devastating for families too.

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4 Steps to Building Greater Willpower


Willpower is something that, at times, we have all wished we had more of. Whether it’s reaching for that last biscuit, cracking on with your to-do list or skipping a workout, we’re all guilty of falling short when it comes to our willpower and self-control.

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Holding onto those hot email tennis balls


For some time now, emails have been one of the main communication tools in the workplace, enabling us to convey information faster and simultaneously to multiple recipients. There is no doubt that the ability to press ‘send’ and achieve an almost instant message delivery...

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3 Ways Emotional Intelligence can overcome Imposter Syndrome


If you find yourself looking for the “real you” in the workplace, perhaps it’s time to stop looking. If you think about your heroes or those people who you look up to, you may rarely consider that they too will at some point have questioned how and why they’ve got to where they are today?

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Why ‘Attitude’ wins every time


Short and sweet, and a post that I made on LinkedIn in response to something that had been written. The discussion was about Skill v Talent and which is the key to success. I hold a slightly different view.

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3 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence at Work


Emotional intelligence skills are vital when it comes to dealing with people in the workplace. But the good news is, if you haven’t been born with naturally good emotional intelligence, it’s a skill that can constantly be learned and refined.

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